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Ray’s Healthy Living is a family-centric business which provides the best quality beauty and health supplements to you and your family, with products based on natural and organic ingredients at affordable prices.
Our company believes natural and organic herbal supplements and vitamins provide the most benefit in enhancing your general health and vitality while being safer than their artificial equivalents.
We do business through a network of traditional brick-and-mortar stores and our own brand website online.

Ray’s Healthy Living offers products with enhanced natural vitamins and minerals through herbal supplements that have been produced through the most thorough and effective quality standards in the industry.
We take pride in doing business while taking great care of our customers’ satisfaction and safety. Ray’s Healthy Living believes customers are part of the family, and we take care of our family.
You can see why this is a key element in our business by reading our founder and CEO’s personal story.  1

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Ray’s Healthy Living believes in providing only the top-most quality of all-natural herbal ingredients in every product. To this end, we commit ourselves to this pledge with our customers:

  • Safe

    All of Ray’s Healthy Living products use only safe and natural ingredients extracted from the finest organic herbs and fruits. We guarantee these ingredients are free from any artificial additives or chemicals.

  • Ideal Growing

    Ray’s Healthy Living products use safe and effective environmental conditions in the production of their ingredients. Climate and soil selection are environmentally friendly and only the finest herbs are chosen for manufacture.

  • Scientifically

    Our manufacturers use advanced technologies, such as chromatographic fingerprinting and consistent microscopic analysis, to guarantee that our herbs and fruits are the best quality and are not commonly acquired substitutes.

  • Quality

    Ray’s Healthy Living products are manufactured with strict adherence to our safety and quality standards. We follow a strict practice using modern technology and well-equipped facilities to ensure our products are the highest quality and safety in the industry today.

  • Satisfaction

    Ray’s Healthy Living is committed to providing only the best possible herbal products in the market to our customers. Should you, for any reason, be unsatisfied with any product purchased from Ray’s Healthy Living, you may contact us for a full refund. (See Ray’s Healthy Living’s Return Policy section for more information).


Ray’s Healthy Living is passionate about providing the best quality natural herbal supplements at affordable prices. We want to reach out to clients and customers everywhere to help enhance their health, energy, and lifestyle through our organic products. In order to further encourage customers to support this initiative, Ray’s Healthy Living offers our entire inventory of products at the most competitive prices. In tandem with our discounts, our prices for herbal supplements are ranked as among the lowest offered online. (See our Price Comparison Shopping section for more info).

Ray’s Healthy Living is committed to being the one-stop-shop for all of our customers and be the sole provider of all their natural organic supplements. With this goal in mind, we offer this incentive: if you find any of our products advertised or offered anywhere else at a lower price than what you see on our company website, please contact us and we will match or even beat that price. (See our Contact Us section).


Our website, is our brand arm on the web for our customers who prefer doing business with us online. Our website provides convenienceto our customers by making our entire inventory available for purchase at the most affordable prices. offers a wide range of natural organic supplements from the most renowned manufacturers in the industry, including our own high-quality personal brand products.

Simplicity and ease of use is at the core of our goals for the Ray’s Healthy Living website. Our comprehensive Help Center provides a detailed overview of our online store and how to make purchases using our intuitive shopping cart (including payment options, order process, policies, and FAQs). Please do visit the Help Center if you need any guidance in getting the most out of your shopping experience.

Note: Any private information you provide such as credit card information will be secured with the utmost confidentiality and secrecy. We use the most reliable and secure system for our payment process for our online store to protect your private information.


We value you, our current and future customers. At Ray’s Healthy Living, our goal is providing 100% customer satisfaction. To facilitate this, we employ a friendly and professional customer service staff to provide assistance and support.

If you have any concern, feedback, or suggestion for our products, services, or website please feel free to Contact Us and we will respond promptly and professionally. However, as per FDA regulations, we cannot offer any professional advice or analysis for medical conditions, nor can we provide professional diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of such medical conditions.

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