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We often get questions from people and it is understandable. We know that the products we sell actually help people, and are thus willing to answer any question that comes our way! These are some of the most commonly asked questions. Please go through them, and if the question you wanted to ask is not here, contact our customer service representatives.

Different supplements have different recommended doses. Generally most supplements only need to be taken once per day, but there are a few that are supposed to be taken more than once. You don’t have to worry too much about
supplements, specially when it comes to the organic health supplements that we specialize in. Our supplements don’t contain anything harmful, so even if you take them twice instead of once, there wouldn’t be much of a problem,
aside from you running out of supplements before you should.

A. This is one of the most common questions we get. A: Arginine, or L-arginine (that is its proper scientific name) is an amino acid. It is one of the 22 such amino acids that are naturally found in all of our bodies, and are
called the building blocks of our body. Amino acids are molecules that contain nitrogen, and they produce the proteins that our body needs. These amino acids perform essential functions in our bodies. They make enzymes,
hormones, antibodies, neurotransmitters, and aid in making sure all these things reach the part of the body that needs them. Your body is supposed to create the arginine it needs naturally, but the problem is that our diets
are so bad these days that often people end up with lower arginine counts than what should be in their body naturally. Thus we sell supplements that contain this highly useful amino-acid, so you can cover this deficiency
without having to completely change your diet.

This is a great question. The problem is that over the past few decades we have moved away from natural diets, and most of the food we eat is too processed, and too full of harmful materials. Our body’s natural needs just aren’t
being met. This is why we see so many people with diabetes, cholesterol, and other similar problems caused by diets. The same thing happens with calcium too – our body is supposed to generate the calcium needed by our bones
naturally, from our diets, but our diets are so unnatural now that calcium supplements are needed.

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