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Nutrition Counseling

We’re here to help you make the connection between what you eat and how you feel.

Sign up for an in-person, or by phone and Skype, consultation to tackle your personal health goals. Plus, your nutrition counseling appointments may be covered by insurance if you are a member of Blue Cross Blue Shield. Our nutritionists will be with you every step of the way to support, motivate and guide you to success.

Nutrition counseling offers help and hope for every health concern, whether you want to…

  • Manage a chronic illness
  • Have fewer aches and pains in your back and/or joints
  • Have better digestion
  • Manage anxiety and depression
  • Conquer eating issues
  • Lose weight* and rev up your metabolism
  • Increase energy and well-being

Nutritional Weight & Wellness nutritionists are experienced, thoughtful and grounded in research. We practice Therapeutic Nutritional Counseling—a proven approach to nutrition counseling that will meet your physical, mental and emotional needs. We use the latest in scientific research, clinical experience, problem-solving skills, and an intuitive approach to help you feel better.

Is counseling right for me?

Nutrition counseling is perfect for you if any of the following are true:

  • You prefer working one-on-one with a nutritionist
  • You have been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition such as Hashimoto’s, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, grave’s disease or celiac disease
  • You have a chronic health condition and you’d like a better way to manage symptoms (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, asthma, osteoporosis, COPD, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s)
  • You’ve tried everything else to get healthy, but nothing seems to work
  • You struggle with depression and/or anxiety
  • You have back pain, arthritis or other troublesome aches and pains
  • You find yourself feeling overly tired and unmotivated
  • You want to lose weight and decrease food cravings
  • You want better rest at night, more energy and better moods
  • You have digestive issues such as heartburn, bloating, constipation or diarrhea
  • You want to help your child or spouse get healthier through better nutrition

What should I expect?

What to expect prior to your consultation

  • You will complete a health history and nutrition questionnaire so your nutritionist gains a thorough understanding of your health challenges and goals.

What to expect during your initial consultation

  • Your nutritionist will explain how foods affect your health and well-being and why certain foods are important to include in your diet.
  • You will receive a personalized eating plan along with recipes and suggestions for meals, snacks and beverages.
  • Your nutritionist will work with you to set goals and develop practical ways for you to implement our real-food approach to eating.
  • Enjoy 10% off supplements the day of your counseling appointment. Depending on your health, supplements may be recommended (but not required) to rebalance your biochemistry, help you adhere to our healthy eating plan, or give you nutritional support.

How much does it cost?

Our rates differ by nutritionist, length of appointment, package offerings and more. Please see our pricing below and feel free to call 651-699-3438 with any questions.

As a special bonus, on the day of your appointment you’ll also receive 10% off any products purchased.


Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN Rates*

  • Initial consultation (2-hours): $365
  • Follow-up consultation (1-hour): $160
  • Follow-up consultation (30-minutes): n/a

*Your nutrition counseling appointments may be covered if you are a member of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota insurance. Click here to learn more.

Standard Consultation Rates:

  • Initial consultation (2-hours): $265
  • Follow-up consultation (1-hour): $110
  • Follow-up consultation (30-minutes): $75

Darlene Kvist Standard Consultation Rates:

  • Initial consultation (2-hours): n/a
  • Follow-up consultation (1-hour): $125
  • Follow-up consultation (30-minutes): $80

Wellness Package Discounted Rates**

Personalized Wellness Package:

  • Includes initial consultation (2-hours) plus two follow-up consultations (1-hour each): $412.25
    A savings of $72.50/15% off standard rate of $485

Support 3-Pack:

  • Includes three follow-up consultations (1-hour each): $247.50
    A savings of $82.50/25% off standard rate of $330

**Wellness Package Discounted Rates are not available for appointments with Darlene Kvist.

does insurance cover nutrition counseling?

In some cases nutrition counseling may be covered by insurance. For more information go to Insurance Coverage for Nutrition Counseling.


Still not sure if nutrition counseling is right for you? Call us at 651-699-3438 for more information.

*Because everyone is unique, individual results vary.

Insurance Coverage

Did you know that we accept Blue Cross Blue Shield? Find out if your nutrition appointment is covered by insurance!

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