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What Types of Drugs are used for Treating Heart Disease?

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Do you know that a cardiovascular attack occurs about every 20 seconds? Are you aware that heart disease is the main cause of death in the majority of people around the world with women being more at risk? Well, heart diseases affect nearly 14 million Americans. The major symptoms include chest pains, shortness of breath, and nausea. Wrong diet, sedentary lifestyle, overeating, poor nutrition habits, and addiction to smoking block the blood vessels that supply oxygen to the heart muscles leading to poor cardiovascular health. But luckily, you can deal with it by making some lifestyle adjustments and medications. Talking about medications, there are plenty of options available due to breakthroughs in the field of science. Let’s discuss them in detail.


Anticoagulants are used for preventing heart diseases such as strokes and heart attacks. They do wonders for heart health by preventing the formation of blood clots and the accumulation of plaque in the blood vessels which constrict them. You should only use anticoagulants only when the doctor prescribes. Some popular anticoagulants used for treating heart diseases are heparin, warfarin, enoxaparin. However, to improve heart health, it is best to use holistic oral dietary herbal supplements because they are safe and don’t produce nasty side-effects. Ray’s Healthy Living provides the best organic supplements for supporting cardiovascular health.


Beta-blockers are beneficial in treating first and repeated heart attacks. They work by blocking the harmful actions of certain chemicals that arouse your heart. Beta-blockers can also be used for treating high blood pressure, chest pain, heart failure, and other coronary disorders.


Antiplatelets lower the risk of heart diseases by preventing the formation of blood clots. Such drugs prevent the formation of a substance called thromboxane in the body that provokes the formation of blood clots by sticking the platelets together. Antiplatelets are also recommended to patients who have abnormal heartbeats. Aspirin, Prasugrel, Clopidogrel, are some examples of antiplatelets.

ACE Inhibitors

ACE Inhibitors are effective in treating heart failure, coronary attack, and high blood pressure. ACE is the abbreviation of Angiotensin Converting Enzymes. Such drugs work by preventing the formation of anglotensin, a hormone that constricts the blood vessels supplying oxygen to the heart muscles. Examples of ACE inhibitors include captopril, ramipril, benazepril. If you are looking for a holistic approach towards heart health, then natural supplements are the best. By using 100% naturally-sourced supplements, you can treat different heart-related problems and boost your cardiovascular health.

Aldosterone Inhibitors

Such classes of medications are effective in reducing complications caused by heart diseases such as swelling and buildup of water and salt in the tissues and blood. Most importantly, consuming the medicine can help you protect the heart by blocking aldosterone, a chemical that triggers the deposition of fluid and salt in the tissues and blood. In fact they facilitate the kidneys to eliminate surplus water and salt through urine.

Calcium Channel Blockers

This group of medicines does wonders for preventing cardiovascular diseases caused by hypertension. The medicines work by disrupting the movement of calcium, relaxing the blood vessels and improving the flow of oxygen to the heart. They are effective in treating angina or chest pain and high blood pressure also known as hypertension. However, before using them it is important for any patient to consult the doctor. Patients can take the medicines only if the doctor recommends it.

Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs

Bad cholesterol or LDL is strongly linked to heart diseases. LDL stands for low-density lipoproteins. Cholesterol-lowering medications reduce inflammation in the arterial walls caused by the accumulation of cholesterol. In this way, the drugs reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks in humans. Besides medications, herbal supplements can help you combat heart diseases caused by cholesterol, hypertension, deposition of plaque and other factors. The supplements are made of premium organic herbs and fruits and available in capsules and powdered form. Ray’s Healthy Living adopts a holistic approach towards keeping the heart healthy by supplying naturally-sourced supplements.

Digitalis Medications

Digitalis Medications work by helping your heart to pump blood harder in every beat and treating heart failure and irregular pulse rate. As the name suggests, the medicines work by sending electric signals inside your heart. They execute the whole process by increasing the amount of calcium in the heart cells and reducing arrhythmias. Digoxin is an example of digitalis medication.

Healthy living starts with a healthy heart that in turn will prolong your longevity. The medications mentioned-above will help you to keep heart diseases at bay.

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