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How Quickly Can You Reduce Your Cholesterol Levels

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High cholesterol? Don’t get tensed! There are lots of supplements available out there in the market that can help you overcome this situation. But, let’s first understand what cholesterol actually is.
Cholesterol is a naturally occurring substance produced by the liver. Though it is required by the body for the proper functioning of the cells, excess quantities form a fatty plaque on the walls of the arteries. This fatty plaque again results in decreased blood flow to the vital areas of the body.

Tensed? Well, here’s a list of 5 organic supplements that can help you to reduce your cholesterol levels !

1> Plant Sterols and Stanols

Plant stanols and sterols are naturally occurring substances that are found only in certain herbs and dietary supplements such as margarine, orange juice, and dressings.
According to a recent study conducted by eminent medical practitioners, plant stanols and sterols helps lower cholesterol considerably. Though similar in structure, it prevents cholesterol from entering the intestine.
Researchers have stated that if you take 2 grams of plant sterols and stanols every day, you will start witnessing its effect in just a month or two. They have further stated that consuming 1.3 grams of sterol esters reduces saturated fat and lowers the risk of life-threatening heart disease.

2> Red Yeast Rice Extract

Red yeast rice extract is particularly used in Asia as a remedy against heart diseases. The extract is made by fermenting red yeast on rice. Its primary compound, monacolin K, lowers the production of cholesterol in the liver.
Monacolin K is the same compound present in lovastatin – a cholesterol-lowering medicine. Studies revealed that red yeast rice extract has been successful in lowering blood cholesterol levels considerably.
According to experts, if you opt red yeast rice extract for lowering your blood cholesterol, you must keep track of your cholesterol regularly. It will help you to understand the impact of red yeast rice extract on your body.

3> Fenugreek

Fenugreek is one of the best naturally occurring supplements for lowering blood cholesterol levels. Rich in fiber and flavonoids, this member of the legume family is often referred to as the dietary supplement in capsules, tablets, tinctures, and powders.
According to studies, fenugreek lowers the cholesterol level in blood by increasing bile secretion and preventing the absorption of the dietary cholesterol in the intestine. It also improves lipid profile, reduces the impact of bad cholesterol, and lowers accumulation of fat, potassium, and sugar in the bloodstream.

4> Flax

Flax is a blue flower mostly found in temperate climates. Studies have shown that its seeds, as well as, the oil drawn from it is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. And omega-3 fatty acids have a range of health benefits, including raising the HDL cholesterol level in the body.

If you want to elicit the maximum advantages from flaxseed, you can try using its oil or eating its seed. But, make sure to ground the seed before eating. Our body can’t break down the hard, outer shell present in the seed.
You can try taking 15 – 40 grams of flaxseed or oil per day for low to medium level cholesterols, and 50 grams for high-level cholesterols. You can mix it with your early morning juice or breakfast for better absorption.

5> Artichoke Leaf

Artichoke leaf extract is undoubtedly the best herbal supplement for encountering cholesterol. The leaf works by limiting the synthesis of cholesterol in the body.
Cynarine – a compound present in the leaf, increases the production of bile in the liver and speeds up its flow from the gallbladder. The net result? A decrease in the formation of bad cholesterol.
A recent analysis by the researchers revealed that Artichoke leaf was quite successful in encountering bad cholesterol, but it had noticeable effects only in patients with low to medium cholesterol levels. The analysis further stated that better research should be conducted to understand its fullest potential.

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