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Herbal Formulated Supplements To Boost Immune System Female

Herbal Formulated Supplements To Boost Immune System Female

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Nature has provided everything that humans need to sustain good health and overall well-being. Having experienced the ill-effects of synthetic or human-made products, there is a fast turning to nature once again for all types of preventions and cures.

Good health comes from a robust immune system. There are several plants that provide oils and their parts as products that help strengthen the immune system. Many of these are used to make supplements to boost immune system female since women need more of it according to their physiological make.

In this blog we shall outline the benefits of two such natural ingredients Olive leaf and Wild Oregano Oil that have immense immunity boosting effect owing to its properties.

Olive Leaf benefits

Mediterranean people have been using olive tree leaves as a part of their diet regularly since time immemorial. These leaves are known to have several important polyphenols, such as oleacein and oleuropein. Oleuropein is known to have anti-inflammatory and also antioxidant properties. This is one of the main reasons that the Mediterranean people are healthier being less prone to heart ailments and also cancer.

i. The extracts of olive leaves have shown distinct antimicrobial and antiviral abilities helping prevent and diminish virus like herpes. It prevents the virus from invading surrounding cells further and thus increases resistance.

ii. The oleuropein in the olive leaves helps prevent loss of dopamine neurons and arrests any further damage. It thus plays an important role in boosting nerve health.

iii. Olive leaf extract helps decrease LDL or bad cholesterol. People with atherosclerosis or narrowed arteries that are at risk of heart disease can immensely benefit from its intake and the blood clears of LDL. At the same time, the extract also helps lowering both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure keeping the body healthy.

iv. Another way that olive leaves help increase body immunity in women is by improving insulin secretion in cells. This naturally keeps Type 2 diabetes at bay and helps maintain overall good health.

v. Its ability to reduce and stop growth of cancerous cells is attributed to the antioxidant properties that the leaf extracts possesses.
Wild Oregano Oil
Oregano is a fragrant herb and owes its popularity due to its extensive use as an ingredient in Italian food. It has been in use from the times of the Greeks and Romans for its medicinal properties justifying its name “oros” or mountain and “ganos” or joy in Greek.
The concentrated oil extracted from the herb is loaded with compounds have immense health benefits and antioxidant properties. This essential oil is beneficial both when applied topically or consumed. The oil is extracted from the air-dried leaves and plant shoots using the cold press method to retain every bit of its goodness.
i. The oil contains the compounds terpenes, terpenoids and phenols that are powerful antioxidants and also responsible for its characteristic fragrance. Carvacrol is the most abundantly occurring phenol and is known to prevent bacteria growth of different types. The Thymol in it supports the immune system by protecting it against a host of toxins. Rosmarinic acid is yet another powerful antioxidant in the oil that prevents and protects against the free radical damages in the body.
ii. The Carvacrol in Oregano Oil helps in fighting a range of bacteria and are also effective against those that are resistant to antibiotics. Both intake of the oil as drops or application on the skin helps get its antibacterial effects. For those that are suffering from problems related to gastrointestinal overgrowth of bacteria can immensely benefit from the oil.
iii. Its Thymol acts as a strong antifungal agent that further helps boost body immunity against all types of Candida.
iv. Studies have also shown that the oil helps grow immunity against lungs and prostrate cancer cells.
Armed with the knowledge of the immense benefits of olive leaf and wild oregano oil, you must be wanting to reach out for the best supplements to boost immune system female naturally. Well, you can find just the right combination in the Colloidal Silver Plus sold by Ray’s Healthy Living. Click for complete information.

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