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Devil’s Claw Benefits: Know what it does to Health

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The medicinal value of ancient herbs and botanicals cannot be overlooked. Since generations, these alternative medicines have packed the punch of several health benefits. Our ancestors also relied on herbs to combat various ailments. 

Devil’s Claw is a valuable herb that does wonders for health. The genus of plants belonging to the sesame family is native to Southern Africa. Scientifically known as Harpagophytum, the plant has a peculiar appearance that resembles a hooked fruit attached to their trumpet-shaped flower. We have put together some of the amazing health benefits of Devil’s Claw. Let’s take a look.

Treats Arthritis

If you are struggling with years of chronic Arthritis or joint pain, and have got no help from over-the-counter oral painkillers or topical ointments, then it’s time to switch to Devil’s Claw. You can include Devil’s Claw herbal supplements in the form of capsules, tinctures or fluid extracts. 

Enriched with potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, it is especially beneficial for treating knee and hip osteoarthritis, combating back pain, preventing cartilage degradation and treating deteriorating musculoskeletal conditions. It works by easing the stiffness and soreness at the joints. 

Scientists, doctors, toxicologists, and pharmacists have also recommended the herb for supporting joint health and fixing arthritic and rheumatic conditions naturally. It is because the traditional herb works similarly to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS). The scientific community has found that the active compounds present in it such as Harpogoside and Beta-sitosterol, have attributed to its potent painkilling properties.

According to a study conducted, devil’s law extracts have considerably reduced osteoarthritis and rheumatic stiffness. It demonstrated that within 12 weeks it lowered pain by 25.8%, stiffness by 22.2% and improved physical mobility by 23.1%. It also showed that the herb besides combating joint pain also improved the overall quality of life and promoted general wellness. 

Improves Digestion

Being a potent digestive tonic, the devil’s claw helps in boosting the gastrointestinal power of the users. The flavonoids and phytosterols present in it provide relief from inflammation in the stomach and subdue heartburn.

Encourages Weight Loss

Devil’s claw is found to be extremely effective in promoting weight loss in obese people. The herb is powerful enough to prevent binge eating disorders and overeating habits.

Considered as one of the best anti-obesity treatments, Devil’s Claw aids in weight loss. It works by curbing the production of the hunger causing hormone ghrelin.  

To get the desired weight-loss results, you need to include Devil’s claw in your diet on a regular basis. Along with that you also need to follow a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise in your fitness regime.

Heals Wounds

Devil’s Claw, when used topically on the affected areas, speed up the recuperation process of wounds and injuries. The roots of the flowering plant stimulate the healing process of wounds faster hence it is traditionally used as a skin naturopath. 

Boosts Immunity

If you are susceptible to falling sick frequently, it is because of the poor immune system or resistance power of the body. Devil’s claw supplements help in strengthening the immunity of the body and make it a germ-killing fortress.

Be it joint pain management or promoting weight loss, Devil’s claw offers miraculous health benefits to the users. So, if you adopt a holistic and drug-free approach towards healing, you must include the devil’s claw supplements in your diet. 

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